Our selection of electric camera vehicles (E) are perfect for a lot of situations. Quick and quiet, these vehicles have been developed to exceed the standards of the film industry.

There will always be a need for gas camera vehicles (G), with this team there is nowhere these things can't go. The raw power of these machines are great for your pushing, pulling, and tracking shot needs.

The Toaster (E)

Sticking with the electric theme, the “Toaster” is a 100% electric car. With zero emissions and essentially no sound, the car gains a bit of versatility. One of the fastest BMW’s 0-40 it has great torque with a top speed of 90mph...

The Brick (E)

The Brick is a 100% electric tracking platform that we can essentially put camera anywhere. The brick is outfitted with Lithium Ion batteries for super high torque that gives it a top speed of 35 mph...


Newly tested and tried is the EGDE 10” Crane Arm on top of our electric tracking platform THE BRICK. Perfect for slower moving crane arm needs.

E- Bike (E)

Raising the bar of standard camera bike tracking shots, this bike is 100% electric. Super friendly for 1st unit foot chases, dialogue shots or slow “dolly” shots. With a top speed of 90 mph and massive torque the e-bike can easily tackle high speed action as well...

XP1k (G)

Covert Camera Vehicles XP1k is powered by a 1000cc engine, the XP1k comfortable seats 4 adults. This vehicle offers 16” of wheel travel in the front suspension and 18” in the rear...


The Covert Quad is a workhorse ready for any terrain. With a robust 850cc motor this 4x4 ATV can handle it all.


48v power drive system capable of 100lb payloads and speeds up to 30 mph. With dual batteries, run time can exceed 8-10 hours and system health is consistently monitored from the Pulse controller. Users control how much torque is needed through gain tuning, drive wheel slip control, acceleration and overall top speed. With our mitchell mount and extended tray the 48v Dactylcam can carry nearly any head and camera package up to 100lbs.