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The “Toaster” is a 100% electric BMW i3 vehicle transformed into the ultimate camera car. With zero emissions and very little sound the car becomes much more versatile than normal. One of the fastest BMW’s 0-40, it has great torque. It has a small footprint and a super tight turning radius, making it valuable in tight spaces, or even on stage, but don’t let its little presence worry you with a top speed of 92 MPH this silent shot maker can also tackle the high-speed action.

Another great use for the car is being a chase vehicle or operating station for the Ebike. We can arrive on set ready to operate camera on the car or on the bike. It is fully outfitted with monitors (or we can use yours) which includes full playback capabilities.

Tech Specs

Engine & Drivetrain
Motor: Permanent magnet AC synchronous electric motor
Horse Power: 170HP
Torque: 194-LB-FT
Battery: 22-kWh lithium-ion battery pack
Charge Time: 3hours @ 220v | .5 @ 440v
Dimensions: Wheelbase: 101.2in | Length: 157.4in | Width: 69.9in | Height: 62.1in
Suspension: Custom d2 racing air ride suspension - 4 corner adjustable
Interior: Seats 4 adults | 3 monitor stations | Recordable monitor for playback
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