Thank You

Thank you for visiting the all new Covert Camera Vehicles website.  It’s been a long work-in-progress.  First of all, I would really like to thank my longtime friend and a person I consider a brother Cory Bender from BlacART Creative Group and his entire team for making this site a reality. If you guys only knew the amount of dumb questions I had or ideas that were tossed out while I was dreaming of this place….  Lets just say there were a lot.

I wanted to have something more than just your average website with pictures of the vehicles.  I wanted a place where you can come back and check out what we have done and what we are doing.  I will be posting photos, videos and stories from our on set experiences, travels and anything I think that you will find interesting.  I would like to invite you to sign onto our mailing list (which you can find on our homepage, scroll down) so I can send you reminders, updates and generally just bug you.

Again, thank you for checking out the site and I hope you enjoy!



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